HAI Services

We have provided Subject Mater Expertise as well as Programmatic Expertise in support of acquisitions.

We have helped agencies prepare acquisition strategies, evaluate existing systems to justify their requests for system upgrade budgets; prepare procurement packages; support evaluation of proposals; help oversee development and installation activities; help evaluate and oversee conversion of old records; manage acceptance testing; plan and support Configuration Management and Quality Assurance activities; and generally provide professional advice. 

We have lectured on biometrics and its applications at conferences, universities, government agencies, and commercial firms; these include the George Washington University, the Naval Academy, Ohio University - Athens, Princeton (several years),  UCLA Extension School (several years), and others.

With Mr. Higgins’s over 45 years of programmatic experience we branched out starting in 2013 to assist the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) Foundation as they prepare to bring a new version of the GLIN network back on line. The system ran for many years on a US Library of Congress’s Law Library managed web site. We support the Foundation’s web design company, Elytradesign, with background material and feedback as they develop the new Internet presence for the GLIN Foundation www.glinf.org. We provide management of the development activities for the Foundation. 

We are contributing authors to books on Biometrics:

- Biometrics, Identification in the Information Age - John Woodward, Nick Orlans, and Peter Higgins; Osborne, a McGraw Hill Company. 2002

- Automated Fingerprint Identifications Systems (AFIS) - Peter Komarinski, Peter Higgins, Kathleen Higgins, and Lisa Fox; Elsevier Academic Press. 2005

- State-of-the-Art Biometrics Excellence Roadmap (SABER) - multiple authors; Peter Higgins principal author for Section 2 - Fingerprints; MITRE Corporation for the FBI Biometric Center of Excellence (BCOE). 2008 - Document is available at the FBI BCOE link to the right. 

We have enjoyed making many acquisition projects a success.