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Higgins & Associates, International (HAI) is a small-by-design biometric and large-scale program management consultancy based in Washington, DC. HAI uses the Service Mark Higgins-Biometrics

After 21 plus successful years of providing consulting services we are closing the books to new clients and only occasionally providing support through others - when the challenge is interesting and results important to national security or criminal justice. We are continuing our pro bono support to the Global Legal Information Network Foundation. 

The Contact Info tab (above) has information on how to reach the consultants and companies we have successfully collaborated with over the past many years. 

Our expertise in large-scale program management is being applied to the project planning & management activities of the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) Foundations’s GLIN 2 System. The details are available at www.glinf.org. This is not a biometric system project but a chance to apply our skills and experience in the development and management of a large-scale, cloud-based system in multiple languages and with a worldwide user community. 

We have enjoyed making many acquisition projects a success.